Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Be careful what you wish for.. or at least be specific.

I was telling my friend about an experience I had living in the country.  I was recovering from a post baby belly and having trouble feeling like myself while my body was readjusting and doing it's own thing.  I was so desperate for clothes in a fashion free zone that I made a humble wish.  All I needed to get me through were three skirts.  Preferrably A-line.  With vintage prints. Knee-length and inexpensive.  I pictured them.  The dream was lovely. 

Later that day I walked past our local op. shop.  There, on the skirt rack were three skirts, knee-length, A-line and with vintage prints.  They all happened to be many sizes too big for me. I was frustrated for a second until I realised that I hadn't specified a size in my wish or visualization. This made me chuckle to myself.

Years later, this event is still vey clear to me.  It made me think about how much control we have over what we bring into our own lives.  I know that there are books ie: The Secret, which have introduced Manifestation to a mainstream audience but I fear that the point of personal empowerment and the lack of detail regarding the intricacies of manifestation were left out or under represented.

It is my personal view that a spiritual journey is completely individual.  Every person has their own path and God - whatever you know God to be - will communicate to the individual using a voice that they alone will hear.  I have my commune with God when I am making art or writing or thinking or walking or in the shower.
The moments I have had, too many to count, have left me euphoric and fervent... which I find fascinating as I am not religious in any way.  I had a religious upbringing and though I appreciate it... it did not feel 'right' to me. 

I have been very lucky in my life to have had the honour to learn and work along side some marvelous teachers.  My teachers have not asked me for money or anything in return from me.  They have offered their truths and wisdom as quickly and as easily as I have asked the questions.  I call them Teachers because I don't know how they would feel about being called my Master or Guru.  They are too humble for that - they are realistic, energetic, logical and spiritual beings who have helped me pass the time as a human on Earth.

I have called this blog Now Seer This due to these people and my own learnings over time.  I must stress at this point that I am human and faulted.  I still have ego and millstones.. but I also have this truth or core which buoys me on the squalliest days.   

This collection of writings, I am hoping, will provide a map of a spirit, a human life and it's search for answers.  Every day I learn more and more.  Not a day goes past when true MAGIC happens.  Not like the car sticker.. that just freaks me out.  When I say magic.. I mean the real nature of the word.  It is the something that is brought into being by 'whatever it is'.  I don't know what it is.  I like to call it the 'Elusive'.  It is something felt so deep yet completely indescibable.  You can sense it but it defies explaination.

It is what is between the lines.. between breaths.. between thoughts.  I hope one day to make sense of it.  :)

Love Limerick

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