Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Favourite Teacher - Part One

I had seen the man around the town I lived in many times.  He was both invisible and a giant at the same time.  He had the ability to disappear into a crowd, was mysterious and I didn't like him.  To add to the confusing feelings I had about a complete stranger, two of my best friends, were associated with him.  He was their teacher.  He taught them martial arts, meditation and energy.  He ran classes which were well attended, he was reaching an audience of miners who, let's face it, really benefitted from a dose of the spirit and I wanted nothing at all to do with him... even though my friends knew I was having a hard time and were telling me to visit him.

One day, in town, I saw him, Lyle, walking in my direction. For some reason, I was overcome by fear.  I thought perhaps he would read me as the fraud & the fake that I felt I was.  Rather than face this possible scrutiny.. I crossed the street. 

Which made me think.... Why? Why? Then life took hold again and there were more important things to think about.  My Dad was fighting a rare cancer, my relationship smashed apart, I had a falling out with my brother and his partner which was devastating and my two year old got chicken pox... all within a few days.  I remember getting a sandwhich from a shop, opening it up and looking at the contents and weeping, "There is no love in here!"

Driving home from visiting Dad, I was fucking miserable.  Pardon.  Then Lyle popped into my head.  I shooed him away.  It happened again. His annoying, floating face.  Flabbergasted, I said out loud to myself,  "Right God, if I am truly supposed to see Lyle - then send me a sign."   Three seconds later I drove past a lake and a large sign which read 'LAKE LYLE'.  For the first time in ages I laughed.  Because God, it seems, has a sense of humour.

I made an appointment to see Lyle when I got home.  830am.  On the next Wednesday morning... and I was excited.

To be continued...

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