Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glued to the Now

I have this brilliant idea of carrying a notebook with me everywhere and talking notes about the various coincidences and accidents that I witness during the day to day.. or just those random things that stick.  Like songs or quotes... or numbers.. or headlines which have many meanings.  I think it is about training,  I have to remember to carry a notebook in the first place.  I also have to have a pen that actually works.. and I need to train myself to write things down.  Most of the time one of the variables is missing and it prevents any record being made of these happy accidents at all.  ( And they are lost to become suburban myths or anecdotes you tell whilst drunk and trying to be interesting.)

I need to have little forms that I fill out.  Listen to me - Little forms.  You can tell I work in an intstitution which has process and paperwork.  (I did filing today and I loved it).  These little forms would have questions to remind me of what to think and details to record so that the timeline and data collection is correct and true. 

Sounds weird doesn't it??  I wonder if anyone else is doing it.  I could look I guess... that would be a good place to start. 

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow I start The Diary of Fate.  Lets see what happens......
Though I must admit that although I have been (or felt as though I have been) swamped with these types of messages thus far.. I do fear that the second that I begin to attempt to record them that they will disappear.. as though they are somehow something which is supposed to be kept as spiritual elusive or deep  mystery?

At the same time, I do think that everything happens for a reason. Like the time I saw the name of a potential lover written, quite literally, in puffy white clouds above my back door.  I read that as a good sign.  The fact that it was over my back door could imply that it should be an outgoing idea as opposed the disasterous incoming idea that I interpreted as.  Wouldn't you?  I was lonely and that was another factor in my downfall... emotions.

By recording details surrounding coincidence and fate - I am not sure what will be accomplished.  I hope that after a year.. I may have something or not.  Either way - I will have an interesting year being forced to be present.  ;)

My love,


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